Meet the Artist

Behind the Canvas

A Personal Message From Rod

Like many artists, after my art education was complete, I turned to other pursuits to make a living for my family, and my painting took a back seat for most of 40 years, until my recent retirement from a career in sales.

Unlike many artists, I am a Christian Conservative and Populist Nationalist.  I believe we have to return to identifying as people guided by a Strong Moral Compass and an America First mentality- with emphasis on Made in America and Buying American-Made Goods.

I believe all the arts need to be self- sufficient and subject to a free market economy,  just as any independent small business must be.  That means that all artists, visual and performing, must be able to prosper without the aide of government programs or corporate grants to fund their artistic projects and endeavors.

Until we can do just that, I don't believe we can call ourselves "Artists", but rather "hobbyists"- which is perfectly acceptable in itself.

I don't and won't rely on anyone but you to buy my art.

Rod Wentzel

Rod Wentzel and his wife with their dog.

Artistry that has no Boundaries

As an eclectic artist, Rod possesses a talent for capturing the essence of various themes. He brings each concept to life with a unique touch. Whether it's the delicate features of a human face, the playful energy of a beloved pet, or the raw beauty of untamed wildlife, Rod’s artistry knows no boundaries.

Capturing the Essence of Nostalgia

Rod creates works that capture the essence of nostalgia and reminiscing of the past. He appreciates the simplicity and beauty of life in earlier times and is inspired by the stories of those who lived during those times. His paintings transport viewers to another era and the sense of calm and peace that comes from living there.